#004: AI and Design

AI-generated logos, visuals, and UIs + AI design business ideas!

IndieAI #004: AI and Design

Just as the internet pushed distribution costs to zero, AI will push creation costs toward zero.

I see AI as a tool. When designers master that tool, they can expand their ability.

Hellooooo, beautiful people! 🥰 

Welcome to everyone who joined this week!

I finally feel that I’m getting back on track with my projects this month. Do you also have ups and downs in your projects? I definitely have 😢 . Downs are pretty much annoying, but it helps when I embrace a long view (e.g., compared to one year ago, I think I’ve got a lot better in this game 😎 ).

So, I’ll soon have a new AI project to talk about with you guys, hold on …

Yeah, I know you’re excited. But things flourish in their own time...

For now, let’s take a good look at AI & Design 👇️ 

🛠️ AI Tools

  • Namecheap Logo Maker: Answer a few questions and get hundreds of logos to download for free.

  • Galileo AI: Create delightful and editable UI designs faster, from a simple text description.

  • Looka: AI-powered platform to design logos and brand kits used by 9M+ people across 182 countries.

  • Magician (for Figma): A design tool for Figma powered by AI. Generate copywriting and unique icons from plain text.

Enjoy these tools? Check out more at our directory IndieAI.co!

💭 Proven Ideas

  • Use ChatGPT and Midjourney to create logos for your projects or sell them to others.

  • Start a marketing agency or freelance service. Create visuals and social media ads faster by leveraging tools such as Canva and ChatGPT.

  • Do like Jay and start a design productized service. Use AI tools to increase your productivity and make more $$.

  • Build and sell an AI design app or plugin. Nico built and sold MakeLogo.ai for USD 65k in three months. And he learned how to code only 9 months ago!

Know someone who could use these ideas?

🏃🏻 Homework

  • Create one or more design assets using the resources mentioned above.

Check out what I came up with using the ChatGPT and Midjourney example 👀 

Could it be used as an icon for this newsletter?

Extra credits if you share the results and tag me on Twitter 😄 

Till next week! 😘