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IndieAI #003: AI Business Ideas

You've got to start with a bad idea to help you find the good idea.

Adam Wathan.

Helloooo, AI trenders!

Today we’ll talk about:

  1. How to use AI to help you find business ideas faster; and

  2. How you can find ideas to create a business in the AI ecosystem.

This is important as many indie founders get stuck in the ideation phase and never get to build and launch. Either because they can’t think of any idea at all, or because they can’t stop looking for a perfect one.

But, as most real learning comes from doing it on the job, the most important step is to start! Soon! Even a bad idea can lead to growth and finding valuable problems.

So, let’s start already!

🛠️ AI Tools

  • IdeasAI: Startup ideas. AI-generated, curated by humans. If your problem was not having ideas, now you got too many. Created by the guy who inspired me to become an indie hacker, Pieter Levels.

  • Niches$$ (quiz): If you think IdeasAI lacks personalization, go with this one.Take a quiz and get business ideas based on your passion, skillset, people you want to help, or problem you want to solve.

  • Namelix: Once you pick an idea, you’ll want a name and domain. Don’t let that stop you from actually executing! Generate short, brandable business names and domains using AI.

💭 Proven Ideas

  • Index to an existing market: get inspiration from businesses that are already making money. Then, create something similar with a twist/ for another niche, build a better one, or just buy it. Check out Aquire, Indie Hackers, and Appsumo. You’ll find many examples of profitable businesses around AI and in other niches.

  • Create something to solve a problem YOU are facing (scratch your own itch).

  • Look for valuable problems to solve at your day job, and among your customers, friends, and family. These are also great sources of ideas, according to research among indie founders 👇

How did you find your biz idea? Source:

🏃🏻 Homework

  • Spend the next 7 days making a list of business ideas.

  • Try to find 3 ideas/ day, so that you end up with 21+ by the end of the week.

  • Get inspiration from existing businesses, and pay attention to problems you, your friends, or your customers are facing day to day.

I’d be glad to see what you come up with. DM me by answering this email or on Twitter!

Till next week! 😘