IndieAI #007

AI tools & ideas of the week + my new project

Stop AI for 6 months, we’re screwed!

Hellooo there! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑😍 

Hope you all had an awesome week! Mine was good.

I’ve got some news for you today! Finally got a new project ready for launch and you’ll be the first to see it!

Ready? Ahn?

You guys know that I’m currently doing a “12 startups in 12 months” challenge, right?

I am… I should have shipped something new in March, I’m late…

I’ve also mentioned here I really dig AI chatbots, remember?… I just find them fascinating. And I’ve been exploring ways to integrate GPT with external data or fine-tune it to give it more personality… But what should I build? Whaaat? 😱 

Luckily, I had an idea from a tweet that pissed me off a few weeks ago 👇️ 

This 👆️ is the guy who inspired me (and many others) to become an indie entrepreneur.

Around 1½ years ago, I watched this video and it really struck me. I just knew I needed to join this game. It was transformative, can’t say less. Real coaching!

I guess I know what he means by the tweet… Many people don’t walk the talk while others just want the comfy of hearing advice all day but never take any action. So, (bad) coaching can be harmful…

But… many of us do need the right incentive and inspiration!

So… given that Pieter is an awesome coach but won’t admit it or wants to coach anyone, I’m proud to announce 🥁 




Pieter Coaching🚀 

Now Pieter’s fans and other wannabe makers can have great coaching sessions while Pieter can point to the website every time he needs to get rid of someone asking him questions 🤣 

Copy goes like this:

“Want to be an indie maker, but don't know where to start? AI Pieter can coach you! He's been trained on the best content by human Pieter!”

What do you think? 😁 

I’ve actually had lots of fun (and insights) with it and I’m sure you’ll have it too!

Now… finally, to our tools and ideas!

🛠️ AI Tools

  • Bing Image Creator - Create images from words with Bing's new image creator.

  • Findly - The AI chatbot for your data warehouse.

  • - AI platform to convert long-form podcasts and videos into shorter shareable clips for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts

  • Pico: Use GPT4 to instantly build simple, shareable web apps.

  • UnPrompt - Get a Stable Diffusion prompt for any image.

  • Clay: Find customers from 50+ data sources— get live LinkedIn data, automate Googling, find keywords on any website, scour tech stacks, scrape job listings, and even use GPT-3 to create personalized emails.

💭 Proven Ideas

  • Pick one of these ChatGPT business ideas shared by this billionaire guy. And execute!

  • Become a faster and better writer by using the right prompting and fine-tuning to get AI to write like your favorite authors.

  • Do like me and start freelancing! Ride the AI trends and use the newest tools to make more in less time. But unlike me, don’t give up in the first month 😆 (last year, I made a few bucks on Upwork to test the waters, but abandoned it) (I found it cute that they paid me last week, as I had forgotten about it 💰️). Start wherever you can and then build better channels to increase your hourly rates.

  • Use this open-source UI for ChatGPT to use the OpenAI API directly instead of paying the premium plan so you can save some bucks every month. Even better: make use of this arbitrage and just sell a cheaper ChatGPT. Bonus if you niche down and make a better UI for your target customers.

  • Turn tables and become GPT’s assistant (I’m just kidding… not really a proven idea … but genius marketing, right?).

Like these ideas? Be nice and …

🏃🏻 Homework Shameless advertising

Missing your homework? Go put this advice into action! 👇️ 💪 

Till next week! 😘❤️