#006: Procrastination, FOMO, and… ofc, AI tools and ideas!

IndieAI #006: Procrastination, FOMO, and… ofc, AI tools and ideas!

Just breathe.

Mom, zen monks, and other nice people.

Hey ho, my Lovely Readers! Thanks for sharing your precious time with me again! ❤️‍🔥 

I’m writing this issue today, well, not in my best shape. Two problems:

  1. I’ve shamelessly procrastinated; and

  2. I feel too much is happening in AI at the same time! I’m getting some FOMO. Can I even keep up with it? What should I do next when everything is changing so fast? Ahhhhhhhhh! 😱😱😱 

Wtf, dude? Just breathe. Everything is going to be fine.

Sorry, mom. 🧘‍♂️ 

Due to these “technical issues” and for the sake of experimentation, we’ll have another approach today.

  • In AI Tools, I’ll show you what caught my attention this week. Big players are moving fast 🚀 

  • In Proven Ideas, I’ll point out some role models and friends I admire for inspiration 💡 

🛠️ AI Tools

  • ChatGPT Plugins: People are calling this the “iPhone moment for AI”. OpenAI is creating its own app ecosystem. They’re definitely going way beyond the Model/API provider role. See examples here and here.

  • Adobe Firefly: Adobe’s own generative AI for creatives, editors, artists, and everybody else. Now on Beta/ waitlist.

  • Canva AI: Of course, Canva is also introducing a suite of new brand management products and AI-powered design tools.

  • MS Copilot: MS has revealed with more details its plan to integrate generative AI in all its suit.

  • Google Bard: Early access/ waitlist, in US and UK only. Not as good as ChatGPT, people say. But, by Google, with access to Google.

  • GPT-4: Researchers at Microsoft warn that it shows early signs of AGI (read the quote in the beginning again, if you need it). Before the singularity hits, maybe you want to check out this huge list of use cases.

💭 Proven Ideas

  • Start a portfolio of small bets in your spare time using No-code and AI. No excuses! Check out how Ago is doing it on Side Marker (as a full-time employee and dad 💪 ).

  • Level up your design and graphic skills with Linus’ tips and tutorials on Midjourney and other AI image tools 😍.

  • If you haven’t yet, experiment with better prompts to leverage ChatGPT the most. If you’re already a prompt master, even better! You can now teach someone else and productize your knowledge. Martin focuses on prompts for Product Managers. What could be your “Best prompts for X”? You may get some haters, but I’m with you! 😛👇️ 

Like these ideas? Don’t be selfish!

🏃🏻 Homework

I’m not 100% into the “Just do it!” philosophy, to be honest. I believe we need to stop and ponder about stuff now and then. So, for today:

  • Just have a nice read on AI and think about its implications using your limited human brain (no offense).

See you next week! 😘❤️