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+ Issue #001: AI & Marketing

Hi! I’m Fausto, creator of IndieAI. Glad to see you here ❤️

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This is my 1st newsletter and I got a little anxious about it. Pretty irrational, to be honest, as I have sent a bazillion emails before (in my day jobs, mostly). But this one is different. Creating something we care about deeply is scary. I’m sure you understand it.

Luckily, my brain finally entered Deadline Mode today 👇

What is this about again?

AI for indie founders & creators.

I’m an indie maker myself and I’ve been tinkering with AI for a few years now.

I believe this tech will enable many many new indie businesses. And this is not hype (ok, there is hype, but it’s much more than that).

Nothing as disruptive will happen in the following decades.

We better act on it. Fast.

So, this newsletter is me sharing with you my learnings as I explore the AI landscape and try to create my Empire of Mildly Successful Indie Businesses™.

To kick off, I want to share some tools & ideas to leverage AI in some critical domains we creators need to master. One domain per week. Short, straight-to-the-point, actionable content.

Thus, without further ado, let’s dig into …




IndieAI #001: AI and Marketing

Learn to sell, learn to build. Learn both and you will be unstoppable.


I don’t know about you, but marketing doesn’t come naturally to me.

That sucks. A real obstacle to getting filthy rich (or, at least, finding some people who may appreciate my art 😥)

That’s why I’m putting much hope into stealing proven ideas and getting some help from smart robots 😎

Come along with me!

🛠️ AI Tools

💭 Proven Ideas

🏃🏻 Homework

You thought you would just binge on my content and get out that easily? No way! You’ll need to do something. Your homework 👇

  • Choose one AI tool and take a tiny action to market your business or yourself. Do it NOW or at least put it on your to-do list NOW.

Tell me how it went by answering this email or DM me on Twitter.

If you want more ideas of marketing strategies, check out Lenny’s Racecar Growth Framework.

Still lacking #motivation? Check out this 👇

A totally real picture of one of my readers who applied these ideas.

That’s it for today, guys. See you next week! 👋🥰